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Should Depressed People Use Garcinia Cambogia?
Category: Personal health
By: Mary Posted on 28th Aug, 2014
Use of popular the weight-loss supplement Garcinia cambogia may be risky to people who are taking certain antidepressants, according a recent case report.Garcinia cambogia may raise serotonin levels, ..
2012 Pharma Outlook
Category: Pharmaceutical
By: T.K. Posted on 30th Dec, 2011

Over the past
few years the pharmaceutical industry in the United States has been hemorrhaging
jobs to the tune of:
  61,109 layoffs
Best Sales Closing Techniques
Category: Sales
By: T.K. Posted on 02nd Dec, 2011
Here is a list of some of the most common sales
closing techiques, it's my belief that these are best used to simply uncover a
prospects true objections so you can address it. ..
Neurological Disorders
Category: Healthcare
By: T.K. Posted on 30th Nov, 2011

The term Neurological Disorder
encompasses a long list of conditions effecting millions of
patients.  Stroke patients are one of the more commonly
thought of in th..
Working with Dodd-Frank
Category: Finance
By: Duane Posted on 22nd Nov, 2011
Please share your experience in dealing with the Dodd-Frank Act.
What changes has it caused and how will it effect your job moving
forward?Join the conversation by clicking
Future trends in nursing?
Category: Healthcare
By: T.K. Posted on 21st Nov, 2011

I hear many healthcare professionals
talk about the future model in nursing.Will we see a systematic shift
of responsibilities to a growing number of C.N.A.’s?  <..
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